We source only the finest ingredients

For the past 30 years, we have serviced the local community, sports fans, pre-theater diners and loyal customers. It has been a pleasure serving you at our Biricchino (naughty little boy) and we thank you for your patronage. Our family hails from Piemonte, Italy, the province of Biella to be exact. We have been in the food business, in this country, for over 90 years. Our parent company was appropriately named Salumeria Biellese when it was established in 1925. Biricchinos doors opened in 1987 to highlight the products that are created at Salumeria Biellese so that we could share the cooking traditions of northern Italy, especially Biella. We source only the finest ingredients according to our familys traditions: House-made cured meats artisanally crafted at Salumeria Biellese 100% all-natural Berkshire or Mangalitsa hogs Locally sourced and grass-fed beef All-natural chickens from local Amish farms Seasonal vegetables from the Garden State, New Jersey Fresh breads from the Sullivan Street Bakery, just a few blocks away Benvenuti alla Nostra Famiglia!